The Kit List

Hi everyone. Before heading out tomorrow I thought it might be of some interest to a few to see what equipment I will be carrying on the trek so post below the general list. It looks ridiculously long to me but am struggling (aside from the chocolate maybe though that is debatable) to reduce it down much.

As the trek continues it will be interesting to see what I use and what remains in the bag or gets discarded along route in favour for a lighter pack. Total weight is a slightly worrying .17.5kg including 5 days of food (I hope I find more before then and water (I have links to a website which tells me where I can get more throughout the length of the routes.

Oh, and I guarantee I have forgotten at least one thing from the list and from the bag when I set off 🙂


Panasonic G9

Leica 12-60mm

Leica 100-400mm

LEE 75 filter Holder and adapter rings

LEE 75 grey grads x3

LEE 75 Big Stopper

LEE 75 Polariser

Slik Carbon Travel Tripod

Really Right Stuff Ball Head and Accra Swiss tripod mount adapter

Anker 21w solar panel

Battery Pack (recharges from solar panel)

iPhone SE

Head torch – pretzel actik inc spare batteries

Earphones (so I can learn Italian en route)

Credit card & cash

ID card

Italian laminated learning sheets x3


F-stop gear Shinn Rucksack

Camelback 2Ltr bladder

Hilleberg 1 Man Tent – outer only (750g lighter without inner fly)

thermarest sleep mat & patch repair kit

RAB down 3 season sleeping bag



MSR stainless 1 Ltr pot

MSr portable camp stove & gas

Alpkit titanium Spork

Super Wash 89ml -does clothes, pans, me, cars, tractors and bikes!!!

ROHAN salt, pepper, chile, oil containers

Swiss Army Knife (locking)



FOOD – enough for 5 days

High5 berry flavour sport drink

Various couscous, noodle, egg noodle “instant meals (average 350kCal).

Garlic – one clove

Onion x1

Tortilla wraps x15

Peanut Butter x1 jar

Munching bars x6

Chocolate – don’t worry, it won’t last long!


Shampoo, Moisturiser, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Blister/First Aid Kit inc compeeds, felts, antiseptic, plaster (long length of), ENGO blister prevention patches, anklewrap. This is my biggest fear!!!, Diorylyte, Lavender Oil, Paracetamol

Sewing kit inc needles (straight from the hotel!)

Dental Floss (many uses!)

Spare lace – could be handy couldn’t it?

CLOTHES x inc what I will be wearing

Tee shirt – merino x2

Long sleeve Mid Layer – merino -x1

Montane lightweight hiking trouser x1

Paramo Fuera Smock x1

OBOZ hiking boots

Decathlon hiking shorts x1

Underwear x 1 x going commando when washing each evening! OK, too much data

Rohan Thermal leggings – merino – ok, I feel the cold.

Light walking socks x2

Mammoth lightweight rain jacket x1

GORE waterproof overtrouser x1 (very old!)

mountain Hardware man made down jacket x1 – very light and can get wet!

Midge net



Plastic bags – cheap “dry bags!


MapOut mapping software (excellent so far) – including entire route and location finder

Open source 1:25,000 maps – for entire route downloaded so no need to be online

Panasonic G9 Manual & Image app – for remote control of camera, image download from camera and helping me when I get lost with the technology.

Alta Via die Monti Liguri H24 website – for all sorts of relevant info including water & Refugio locations, services etc

Ligurian weather forecasts – which seem to change by the minute!

WordPress – for blogging

Facebook & Instagram – for social media

iTunes – so I can learn Italian en route and maybe sing to myself when the mood takes

Find My Phone – set up so Mog can check I am not staying in a hotel!

The Emergency SOS function is handy if I get into trouble – and it also holds my health info.

It is a phone too apparently!!!

I just wish the entire list could be virtual 😉

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