Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 1

Ascent – 1378m. Distance – 22km.

Camp 1.

Fonte. Italian for spring. My word of the day as I quickly realise up here that water is truly scarce. Blue squares on regular info boards tell you where they are thankfully.

Camped out on top of the hill at 1350m (approx) with a ridiculously stunning panorama of receding ridges having completed sections 43, 42 & most of 41 (I am doing the walk back to front as the scenery only gets better this way though it’s hard to believe.

Chow time – everything tastes delicious after a big day on the hill!

Started with Mog and Zedboy through vine and olive groves then up into woods of oak, pine birch and many others I don’t recognise. Stopped at the 1st Refugio to take on water (and a bit of apple tart:-) before Mog turned back and I was truly alone for the first time.

On and up to a track traversing the first ridge. Now listening to cow bells as the sun begins to drop.

Not complaining about camp 1.

Most days I will try to do a short summary of the day and add a snap or two. From time to time I will then offer further musings, thoughts and comments on my kit.

Some photos from the phone and others from the camera. Today All from iPhone as I am tired!!!

Technology charging from the solar battery which in turn is charged from the solar panel. Socks drying!

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