Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 6

The horror (whose idea was this anyway)

Ascent 1495m. Distance – 500 miles (felt like), 24.5km (actual)

The day started by slipping into the stream as I refilled water. Wet , bruised and with a little blood I looked on this tenderly later in the day!

Image – by the big drop

Some days are just tough. Hopefully now past tense for the trip. My entire body was no lover talking to me. Screaming would be more accurate. I think the stream incident put me in a psychological downer.

Image – a brief break in the clouds

The ascents were vertiginous. As were the descents. Probably good I was in the clouds as thee drop a metre to my left was endless. Even my beloved beech trees seemed more foreboding than til now.

Image – I still love them

So what was good? Well it didn’t rain (didn’t need to I was already wet). I am staying in Barbagelata – what an awesome name. I didn’t take a step to the left. And it didn’t rain. Cheese puff crisp things before even more noodles (I also snuck in a bit of chocolate with them). And I spoke to Mog.

Jeez – all that good. I’ll stop whinging.

Ps late update – the lady with the key to the Refugio took pity on me on the porch, opened up and let me stay inside – for free!! Life is good.

Images below – my luxury accommodation of last night and this ( tonite I am under that table)

One thought on “Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 6

  1. Doesn’t sound like you had the best day but glad it all turned out alright in the end….your photos are fab.
    Diet sounds shite though haha….

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