Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 8

I’m sure even Levison and Fiennes have a day off every now and then!

I just love the formalities of washing kit and mending bits!!

Image – my clothes release a concoction similar of the Thames outflow in the 18th century!

So what’s been the facts so far

  • Distance travelled – feels like I should be there but only a third of the way
  • Ascent – Everest every day, up and down, would be a breeze on this
  • Feet – constantly reminding me of the stupidity of this latest quest
  • Scenery – I live for this
  • Photos – the dilemma of walk or shoot. A life time of venues already. (Especially trees)
  • Tics – AHHH!!!! 20 in a 5 minute sit. Still itching. Like midges, does ANYONE think they add anything?
  • Italian – still woeful. Why am I so stupid?
  • Starting – I made it!

Mog and Zed came over on resupply and a donder round a lake (at last a flat walk with no pack). Warmer kit swapped in (a hunch) and homemade food for next couple of days (instant noodles and peanut butter tortillas suck;-) (you were right Alex!)

Of the Alta Via, if the is but half of what I have done (and I know in parts it is at least as good) All will have been worth it one hundredfold

Please remember I am doing this for charity so if you are able any small contribution would be a massive help. .just click HERE. Thanks

Check out what we’ve already raised and the impact it will have. It’s amazing. Thanks to everyone who has contributed – makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Met some lovely young – so young – migrants from Africa too. So friendly despite having so little. IGoing through “processing”. Fingers crossed for you guys.

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