Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 12

Dry boots & socks. Porcelain. A shower. A cup of Coffee. Ahhh. Sometimes the little things.

Ascent – 1033m. Distance – 28.7km

Refreshed after a night indoors. The morning resonates with birdsong and tranquility. Vicious storms over the winter leave the trees a tangle of fallen branches. Makes for slow progress as your scramble up, over, through, round. Miles of it. Very glad I wasn’t around that day! I weave a path as I ascend once more into a friendly mist – warmer and more comforting than of late.

Wind turbines keyholes into the forest canopy amongst some great napoleonic battle in times forgotten. Were the trees here then?

Down through woods into a delicious valley of wild flowers. Decide to stay here. Then a swarm (or whatever it is for them) decide this was a stupid idea so onwards and upwards once more to a gorgeous meadow higher up. IN THE SUN. Yes, I even got down to tee shirt only (well, I still had my trousers on) for a few minutes. But actually relaxing outside for the first time Duce day one. Lovely.

A few snaps below on the Panasonic G9

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