Trekking the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri – Day 14

Ascent – 1,235m. Distance – 31.3km

And so a whole new phase begins. As I climb steeply to the summit of monte Camro a whole new view expands before me – the next few days of truly mountainous peaks and ridges disappear into a blue haze. To my left the Mediterranean merged into a huge skyline. Behind at least two days of most recent travels in what now seems relatively benign rolling hills. I can even almost see our house save for the 1200m ridge it’s sits behind which itself is dwarfed by higher peaks. I am truly excited and in awe.

Image – a view at last!

Dry rocks and crags now give grip instead of scudding over the slippery terrain of previous days. Leaves crisp under foot instead of oozing over my boots. I dawdle but must get on, though will be back soon. For a sunset and sunrise.

Image – what is this blue stuff in the sky?

As I descend a wall of forest rise up in front of me. Guess where I’m headed next! A zip wire between the peaks would have been a great idea!

I eat an amazing sandwich made by Jas. What a chef. Thank you.

I should never have mentioned the SUN word. Within an hour clouds. Then rain. Now hunkered down as thundered cracks all around.

Emoji time🚰💦⛈🌩

Desperate for shelter I end up at this place – officially the worst place I have ever stayed!!! But prices are reasonable.

In truth I get lucky after a last minute cancellation so move next door for a little more luxury. And same reasonable rates.

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