Danube Bike Tour – Second Post

Coffee Time in Bulgaria

“Please come and visit my beautiful city” Mr Bulgarian border policeman pleaded. Actually it’s totally off route but you can’t turn down an offer like that too easily. So the bikes turned left and led us into Silistra, where the Soviet era buildings slowly crumble but give my first real life insight into town planning Soviet style. I am instantly back at college and still failing to remember what I had been taught but still the hairs on my neck were dancing with excitement. This was what the trip was all about we both agreed.

Silistra, Bulgaria, from the Danube

Since leaving we have said if opportunities like this arise again we will forgo moving on in exchange for experience. We head back into Romania after double coffee and Cross the mighty river for the first time by ferry. She is magnificent in her scale, you can see why the Roman Empire did not cross.

J reminds me where the boat is

we then continue on a largely uninspiring route with way to many vehicles travelling way to quick for my pace. But we are starting to absorb the surroundings and the culture. Decaying concrete and huge state buildings abound though a totally separate feel from Silistra.

immense State buildings of a bygone age

The local disco

We eat amazing barbecued street food and reward ourselves with a truly delicious cold beer before setting up camp early for a little r&r. The frogs contend with the crickets contend with the birds until the sun sets and all bar the crickets descend into silence. I listen, something I rarely seem to have time to do.

As I ready for sleep I realise for each day cycling I really need one for photography and another for writing. I will need to simplify. But isn’t that why I am here?

Day 3

Largely uneventful day focused around moving forward. long straight roads. Big lorries on fast roads together with a BIG sun and nagging headwind made for a long 70 odd miles. Not my best performance I truth, but I did eat all my tea (except for the bit of pizza I’ve saved for lunch tomorrow. We are in town (hugely impressive Soviet architecture) so staying in a pensione.. with a shower. What an amazing invention. For everyone!!!

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