Climate Strike – 20 September 2019

Hi all

Unfortunately I live remote from a “climate strike” location but as an photographer exploring issues around climate change I feel I must do something to be a part of this phenomenal movement that I see as the most likely way we will kickstart politicians and industry into “real” action to address climate change.

As such I will instead be trying to send an email with the image below to all UK and EU MP’s MEP’s, together with as many press, CEO’s and other organisations as I can find via a web search.  I will also be posting on Instagram and Facebook.

144 Calendar - Flat.jpg

144 represents the number of months before we reach the 12 year “tipping point” when climate change will become irreversible as quoted by Sir David Attenborough to the UN on 3 December 2018.  I am then thinking I might continue to send them all a gentle monthly update for the next 135 months, including

  • crossing off an additional “month”
  • a different quote on an issue relating to climate change
  • an idea of something “you” could do each month to be part of the solution

But to get this message out I really also need your help.  So I would be super grateful if you could in any way share this with your global friends, followers, members or other parties you may know and by all means forward it to anyone who you think “needs” to see it e.g. CEO’s of major companies, politicians, Donald Trump (I will try too!).

Oh, and if you have any ideas as to how we could otherwise expand the concept and increase awareness I would be very happy to discuss them with you.

the very best for all our tomorrows


p.s. The 144 images in “Individually Insignificant Global Time Bombs” were originally shot  using the 21 centuries ultimate disposable product, an iPhone, which we unnecessarily upgrade every two years because industry has programmed us to do so to sell more products.   The images of global products and services are taken in and around a nameless shopping mall that could be anywhere in the world. These everyday items we devour relentlessly, hypnotised by advertising and the desire for convenience and to consume.  That individual plastic straw they gave me at MacDonalds doesn’t count right?!?!?!? 

The 144 month climate tipping point calendar is an ongoing art project and will be updated monthly with a further month crossed out.  A new quote will be added and a suggestion as to what you might do to make a change to your life and be part of the solution.  It will be sent monthly to politicians, leaders, CEO’s and as many people as possible to help raise awareness and proactively offer small contributions you can make to be a part of the solution.  The project was part of our wider Scottish Arts Council funded Upland  “ENERGISE” residency exploring energy and climate change.

Why not join us and make a real difference (if you sign up to our Blog you will receive the update automatically by email